May 26

May 2014 Newsletter

►I want to thank everyone who attended our Spring Meeting May 6th.
►I have listed most of the issues discussed during the meeting:
•Public Comment was made by Marcy Britton who is bringing a law suit against the City of Albuquerque regarding the “Trap
Neuter and Release” policy of releasing feral cats into City neighborhoods. The contention of the law suit is that TNR,
abandoning animals, is in violation of the City’s own Animal Welfare Ordinance.
•Treasurer’s Report given by our new Treasurer Fred Aiken showed $2061.37 in our Checking Account and $200.57 in the Savings

•Our District 4 Coalition of Neighborhoods representative Irene Minke reported the following:
The Community Residential Home requesting a variance to the 1500 foot separation was denied.
The Multigenerational Center finally got the lobby fountain installed.
The Bernalillo County Assessor’s investment losses will affect the amount of available capitol for City improvement
Current construction at the Multigenerational Center is the addition of tennis, handball and racket ball courts.
There will be a therapeutic pool installed at the Multigenerational Center in the future.
There will be only one Multigenerational Center for the Northeast Heights. Money dedicated to other community
projects will be spent on North Domingo Baca.
It appears from the location of traffic counters the San Antonio/San Pedro traffic study has begun.
•PNM is responsible for the dim street lights in our neighborhood. Bulbs have not been updated in nearly forty years.
•Crime statistics are available for everyone at crimemapping.com. We have had twelve neighborhood residential burglaries since
January 1st.
•Construction progress of the San Mateo/I-25 on ramp and the San Antonio/I-25 exit ramp was discussed.
•Audi Mirandi is our park Mutt Mitt volunteer. He has suggested a walking path around the exterior of the park with exercise
stations. More swings are needed for the kids. I will pass this along to Councilman Winters.
•Sandra Mwei is our website administrator. Suggestions can be left at our neighborhood email address abqaanna@gmail.com.
•Homes that have xeriscaping need to periodically remove weeds.
•Just a reminder that Sister Cities Park is watered with grey water. Everyone needs to wash their hands before eating.
►APD issued a residential burglary alert for three people in a white Ford SUV. A woman is driving along with two male passengers. They are pulling the PNM power meters from homes and subsequently breaking in. Notify APD by calling 242-COPS if you spot these suspects cruising our neighborhood.
►The Heights Summer Fest is scheduled for June 14th from 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM at the North Domingo Baca Park located at Wyoming and Carmel. There will be live local entertainment, food and drink from local venders, a local micro brew garden, shopping and free activities for the kids.
That is all the news for this month.
Jake Tellier
Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association