Jul 03

June 2014 Newslettter

►I just received information describing the next areas to be developed on the Del Rey property. The first area will be at the northeast corner of the property Louisiana Blvd. and Derickson Ave.. This is now called Tract 3-B and the proposal is for a Senior Assisted Living and Memory Facility. Tract 4-B is at the corner of Louisiana Blvd. and Santa Monica Ave. The proposal is for a Senior Independent Living Facility. Located between the two tracts there will be a new street San Vicente Ave. which will run west into the development from Louisiana Blvd. Another new street called Brent Wood Blvd. will run north from Santa Monica Ave. and intersect San Vicente at the northwest corner of Tract 4-B.

The Tract B-3 development will be called Elan-Santa Monica Place (Senior Assisted Living/Memory Care). TRACT 4-B will be called Resort Lifestyle Communities at Santa Monica Place.
I have attached the Site Planning Principal’s letter along with some colored representations of the buildings. The EPC hearing for this project will be August 7, 2014. I am sure we will have more details to pass along after the EPC meeting.

►I have attached a letter from Mayor Berry to Councilman Winter announcing the establishment of a Community Policing Council. The City is looking for volunteers from the community to serve with members of APD. The goal is to establish two way communications and work toward problem solving. If you are interested contact the Mayor’s Director of Constituent Services Alan Armijo or www.cabq.gov/cpc.
►The weed and litter season is upon us again. Do not hesitate to report violators. Reports can be made by calling 311, or from smart phones using the City’s App. and from a computer at www.cabq.gov under the Planning Department’s Home Page. From Useful Links select report Weed Litter and Zoning Complaints. To remain anonymous, when asked for your email address, enter none@cabq.gov. This a way to give neighbors a property maintenance wakeup call. Remember to use the exact street address of the offender.
►An email has been sent to Susan Sponar at PNM Resources about getting our forty year old street lights upgraded. I made the suggestion, the most traveled streets like Burlison, Louisiana, McKinney and Barnhard might be a good starting point.
►I did not receive an APD Newsletter from the Northeast Area Command but did get an email about leaving garage doors unlocked and open slightly for summer ventilation. Burglars are taking items easily accessible from the garages.
►We have had a transient passing through our neighborhood during the past few weeks. Have you seen this person? I cannot tell whether it is a man or woman pushing two grocery carts full of belongings. Please call 242-cops to report a location so this person can receive some badly needed help.
►Please provide a safe quiet place for your pets during the Fourth of July fireworks celebrations.
►We are still looking for a volunteer to assume a leadership role in our neighborhood association by the end of the year. Leave a message if your interested.
Jake Tellier
Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association