Sep 21

September 2014 Newsletter

Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association Inc.
September 2014 Newsletter

Membership Meeting Announcement

Our Fall Membership meeting will be held Monday September 29, 2014 at the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM in Classroom 4. The Center is located at 7521 Carmel NE, two blocks north of Paseo Del Norte, west off of Wyoming.
Everyone in the neighborhood is welcome to attend along with those interested in serving as an officers or board members of our Neighborhood Association.

►The Department of Municipal Development has identified the San Antonio / San Pedro intersection as in need of attention. Current General Obligation Bond money is being used to develop a Design Analysis report. This November’s election will have a General Obligation Bond to fund the construction of this project. Please vote for the bond issue.

►Construction should begin after the first of the year for sidewalks, a footbridge across the Borealis Arroyo and the repaving of Pan American Street. As part of the agreement for the City assuming responsibility for the street, the State DOT will pick up the cost of the project. Finally, pedestrians will not have to walk in the street.

►The interim Northeast Heights Command Center has not published a monthly newsletter for the last several months. People who are using the CrimeMapping.com website are not receiving crime alerts. CrimeMapping.com is being upgraded; the IT Department is trying to bring all the functions back online. They will get the problem solved in the near future.

►At the end of a KRQE news story on September 2nd which discussed the repaving of Central from I- 25 to University the Municipal Development Department said the next priority is repaving McKinney between Academy and Forest Hills. I was kind of surprised to hear this was a major concern unless they are expecting McKinney to become more heavily traveled from the Titan Developments to our north on the Del Rey Property. I will give notice when the repaving project is to begin.

►Geko’s Bar & Tapas 2 has applied for the transfer of ownership of Liquor License No.2739 for the continued use at 5801 Academy Road NE.

►The Planning Department failed to notify some property owners north of the Del Rey property when approving the development of tracts 3 and 4 of the Del Rey property. These tracks are at the east side of the property bordered by Louisiana, Santa Monica and Derickson . The hearing had to be repeated this month for final approval.

►The Northeast Command Center near Wyoming and Osuna has “SLOW DOWN ALBUQUERQUE” signs. If you need one stop by, they have a supply of signs without stakes.

►I had some questions this month about applying for Zoning Special Exemptions. These are exemptions to the R1 Residential Zoning Code for conditional use, variances or expansions of nonconforming use. Basically this all means if changes are made to properties’ existing structures, or its uses, the owner needs to apply for a Special Exemption. The requested Special Exemption can be handled by the Contractor or the home owner. For forms and hearing procedures, visit the Planning Department in the Plaza del Sol Building at 600 2nd Street NW First Floor, Albuquerque NM 87102.

► Rachel Brock would like to have a food collection in October for “Cuidando Los Ninos” CLN Kids. Information about the organization can be found on website CLNKids.org. Rachel will be looking for small packaged food donations that homeless kids can take home to alleviate hunger on weekends. I will send along more information with details in October.

Hope to see you at the meeting on Monday the 29th of September.

Jake Tellier
Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association