Jan 17

December 2014 / January 2015 Newsletter

                                             Academy Acres North Neighborhood Association Inc.

                                                 December 2014 / January 2015 Newsletter



► Our neighborhood association has a new PO Box address:


PO Box 90181

Albuquerque, NM 87199

The City’s Office of Neighborhood Coordination has recognized the address change for official neighborhood business.


►The City of Albuquerque notified our neighborhood of an air quality construction permit 20.11.41 NMAC for the US New Mexico Federal Credit Union to install a new backup generator for their business. If you have questions contact Trinity Consultants at www.trinty consultants.com

► New NM Representatives District, NM Senate Districts and City Council District 4 maps were distributed last week. For a copy contact Jessica Gonzales at jessicagonzales@cabq.gov.

►Since the beginning of 2014 we have been looking for a person to lead our neighborhood association. As of today no one has come forward to assume the responsibilities of President. This will be my last newsletter.  I am resigning as President and from the Board of Directors of the AANNA as of January 16, 2015.  I will turn over all files and records to the remaining board members. Any correspondence I receive regarding the neighborhood association will be forwarded to the new AANNA PO Box.  PO Box keys will be distributed to the AANNA’s Secretary  Irene  Minke and our Treasurer Fred Aiken. I am appreciative and thankful for the support the neighborhood has given me over the last 10 years.


Jake Tellier